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  • Custom Business Software Development

    Leveraging our experience across a broad range of industries, we develop software applications matching what your business really needs. Our solutions are simple and can be integrated with other tools such as CRMs and ERPs if necessary.

  • Cloud Applications

    Take advantage of the power of the Cloud! All of our solutions are browser-based and hosted on our online platforms, making them accessible from your mobile phone, the office, or anywhere through a simple click of your mouse.

  • Continuous Service

    Our service does not end with product delivery. We accompany you during your first steps and forward, as our consultants stay on the watch for your concerns or requests. Our responsiveness is our best strength.

  • Small Businesses And Startup Package

    Small and Medium Businesses and Startups have different needs. CloudEasy offers our qualifying customers an exclusive 10% discount on any cloud-hosted business software estimate.

Custom Business Software Design

CloudEasy provides a complete development and integration service for business applications. We are specialized in building custom software that bridges the information gap in your departments and improve your overall business processes quality.

Benefits of Customized Software Over Off-The-Shelf

A customized application is superior to a generic "off-the-shelf" one in that:

  • It perfectly maps to your business process. All actors and their relationships are accurately represented and you no longer need approximations or sketchy micro-customizations for your tool to become pertinent.
  • Because it is house-made and specific to your organization, it can easily be modified to add new features for when your activity expands.
  • Similarly, it can also be designed from scratch to integrate with other pieces of software your organization is using.

Departments Specialties and Information Gap

Each department in an organization has a specific activity, and as such, benefits from having a tailored software for optimum results.

While it is possible to purchase pre-made solutions like ERPs or CRMs to handle classic tasks such as payroll, accounting, etc., it is much, much more difficult to find an appropriate software for activities related to your heart of business.

Our role is to jump in here and create a custom solution for you, whose purpose is two-fold:

  • To become that appropriate software, matching perfectly with your activity and operational requirements,
  • To unite and complete your information system by providing a way to use and transfer data back and forth with other tools in your organization.

Integrated Applications

Our creations always include technical interfaces so other software can use them to create records or consult existing data. Similarly, if other applications you already have expose their interfaces, we can connect and interact with them.

Additionally, we can import existing data from another application. Most of software in the market allow users to export their data (contacts etc.) to a flat file format such as CSV, Microsoft Excel, etc., or even to a plain database file. We can use any of these exports so the transition to your new solution is smooth and seamless.

Cloud Applications

Cloud Hosting

Our unique technology stack relies on Web technologies and online platforms. The applications we build are entirely web-based and hosted on our cloud infrastructure (datacenters in Toronto, Los Angeles and Paris), in a transparent manner. Change management is greatly simplified as all updates occur remotely from your office while we take care of required maintenance and backup tasks.
Note: we can also ship you the program if you prefer to install it in-house. Consult us for more information.

Web-based Applications

Access to the software we provide is possible using common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or Edge. No device synchronization is necessary and work is possible from anywhere when an internet connection is available. Smartphone/Tablet versions of the applications can be created if needed.

Continuous Service

Post-delivery Follow Up

Your initial consultant will remain your point of contact and will be providing you support and advices during your first steps using your new software. We pay special care to making sure you never feel helpless against unexpected situations.

Change Orders

Our technology allows for changes or additions to the software to be developped and delivered much faster than industry standards. For example, moderately complex changes can generally be made available into your production environment within a business week.

Typical Project Roadmap
  1. Assessment: we organize a free consultation over web conference during which we discuss your present challenges and see how we can work together.
  2. Estimate: within a few days, an estimate is provided so you know upfront what to expect. There's no commitment so far.
  3. Development: while the development phase takes place, follow up conferences keep you closely up to date with the latest developments.
  4. Delivery: upon delivery, a demonstration takes place so corporate users get familiar with the software basics.
  5. Follow up: after delivery, your consultant will follow up regularly to make sure your satisfaction with the product is optimum.

Small Businesses And Startup Package

Small and Medium Businesses and Startups have different needs. CloudEasy offers our qualifying customers an exclusive 10% discount on any cloud-hosted business software estimate.

Because we are responsive and because our technology is light and flexible, we like to think that we're your best possible partner. Our sales process is straightforward, unaggressive and understanding of your situation.


We won't waste your time. Plus, the consultation is free! Come Talk to Us.


"Caithkin has been working with CloudEasy to develop a customized data management tool for our foster care business. The Tool that has been developed meets our needs much more effectively than any of the currently available data management tools, including Access, and ACT. CloudEasy has been responsive to suggestions, excellent at suggesting suitable ways to handle the specific requirements of our organization and has implemented all changes and request expeditiously. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with them as we implement this program."

Leslie Listro, Director of Administration at Caithkin Treatment Foster Homes

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